Toward Web Development Education

Whatever your speciality in technical communication, Web development education can affect you in some way. The authoring tools you use will change. New areas like mobile technology will provide new career opportunities as services and products move from your desktop to your browser to your mobile phone to … who knows where?

There is a corner of W3C that is dedicated to maintaining some method to this madness. It's the Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group (OWEA XG) wiki. The OWEA has a charter, which states (in part)

The mission of the Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group, part of the Incubator Activity, is to help enhance and standardize the architecture of the World Wide Web by facilitating the highest quality standards and best practice based education for future generations of Web professionals through such activities as fostering open communication channels for knowledge transfer and curriculum sharing between corporate entities, educational institutions, Web professionals, and students.

Doesn't "open communication channels for knowledge transfer" just melt your technical communicator heart?

Whatever your interest in this endeavor, the list of current curricula for open Web education is a great place for you to start. Send your peers and especially your developer colleagues to that list of curricula.

By the way, those curricula also provide great opportunities for involvement, if you feel so inclined. WaSP Interact Curriculum  Updated, born at SXSW Interactive in April 2009, is one very exciting place to consider joining. This "living, open curriculum based upon web standards and best practices, designed to teach students the skills of the web professional" is a good place to start sharing your own knowledge – or building your skills.

You can bookmark these links for future reference, but you can also follow WaSP Interact on Twitter for the latest news on this topic.

Hot off the press (or Twitter, to be precise): Read Sitepoint's recent interview with Chris David Mills on the topic of Web education and curricula. It's also a nice introduction to Web development education.

Opera Announces Web Standards Curriculum

As Opera puts it, "Learning Web Standards just got easier." Indeed it has! Opera has released "a complete course to teach you standards-based web development, including HTML, CSS, design principles and background theory, and JavaScript basics". It is called the Introduction to Web Standards Curriculum, which was migrated from the Opera site to, where it was maintained 2012-2015. The static archived version of is now available on GitHub as read-only:

This curriculum was released in association with the Yahoo! Developer Network.

The table of contents for the Web Standards Curriculum covers

  • Introduction
  • Why web standards?
  • Article structure
  • Who should use this course?
  • Acknowledgements
  • Find out more

Who is the target of all this effort? The Web Standards Curriculum is for educators, students, Web developers, and businesses… and for the Web:

The beauty of the Web is that it creates a uniform, international development platform. Using Web Standards means your sites will be quicker to code and maintain, more compact, and accessible to web users regardless of their browsing platform and (dis)ability.

At the time of this posting, there are 23 articles in the curriculum, but more will follow during the month of September. This is an excellent initiative, and a quick skim of the existing articles and the authors indicates there are valuable insights and information being shared here.

Thanks to our own Lisa Pappas for this tip, which came to her by way of eSchoolNews.