Oops! The Twitter Feeds Disappeared—Now What?

Many websites used RSS feeds to include tweets in their site. These RSS feeds are no longer available and in their place, Twitter is providing embeddable timelines that are interactive. Instead of reading tweets in a Twitter widget on a site and then going to Twitter to reply, retweet, or view tweeted photos, we can now interact with a tweet without having to leave the website.

p>I am replacing our old RSS feeds on this site with the new code. Create your own embedded timeline right now using the new timeline settings page on twitter.com, or read more about how embedded timelines work on your website in the developer documentation. Twitter for Websites is a suite of tools bringing Twitter content and functionality to your webpages and apps, enabling the Twitter audience to share your content, and follow your Twitter accounts. Guidelines include: Embedded Tweets, Embedded Timelines, the Tweet Button, the Follow Button, How to Configure Your Own Embed, and Explore the oEmbed API .  Updated