New Logical Captcha Plugins for WordPress

I recently discovered two new logical-based captchas plugins for WordPress.

1. Logical Captcha (Version 1.0.3, Updated 2009-8-24) takes advantage of the service, which provides logic-based textual questions instead of distorted images or audio to validate that the entity registering is a real live human being, and not a spam bot. [Logical Captcha was last updated 11 years ago as of 2020. Tested up to WordPress 2.8.4]  Updated

Textual logic-based captchas mean that your registration process will be accessible to everyone, including visually/hearing impaired visitors who use access technology to surf the web. It requires a free API key from

This plugin was developed by Josh de Lioncourt of the Mac-cessibility Network, a site dedicated to blind and visually impaired users of the Mac OS X operating system, the iPhone OS, and other Apple Inc. products and services. Josh de Lioncourt, the Mac-cessibility Network, and related sites are not in anyway affiliated with

2. Accessible Captcha 0.1. The Accessible CAPTCHA asks users random questions from a database of very simple questions. The questions contain markup that allows the system to randomize how the questions are asked. It is easy to add new questions and, with a little PHP skill, add new types of questions. Try the demo at is No longer available to download from WordPress. This plugin allowed you to customize the questions by editing the questions.txt file.

This plugin was created by Carl Zulauf, a 25 year old Computer Programmer residing in Omaha, NE. Carl created his blog because "Sometimes you just have to publish things yourself…"

Hacker Attack Aimed At Triggering Seizures

A spam attack on one of the Epilepsy Foundation's online forums appears to have been designed to trigger seizures in persons with epilepsy.

On Easter weekend, the Epilepsy Foundation—and those who use its online forums for help, support, suggestions and camaraderie—came under attack by people who posted rapidly flashing images to cause serious injury and harm. The type of epilepsy that causes people to experience seizures upon seeing flashing or flickering images is photosensitive epilepsy.

Read the full press release at Epilepsy Foundation Takes Action Against Hackers – LANDOVER, Md., March 31, 2008, PRNewswire-USNewswire (196 Kb .pdf)

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