Optimizing the Sideline Medical Bag

Preparing for School and Community Sports Events

by James M. Daniels, MD, MPH; Joel Kary, MD, ATC; Joseph A. Lane, MD
The Physician and Sportsmedicine – Vol. 33 – No. 12 – December 2005

This is an informative and helpful article for all physicians who are asked to provide sideline medical coverage at school athletic events or cover community centers or neighborhood parks.

A well-stocked medical bag allows the team physician a flexible, portable, and affordable approach to providing medical coverage for various sporting events. Whether covering a local event as the team physician or as a spectator, the most important concept is to use sound clinical judgment, a coordinated effort, and a predetermined plan for treating or referring medical conditions.

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1. Agoraphobia definition: anxiety or abnormal fear that there's no easy way to escape a situation or get help, or fear of being in a situation from which escape may be embarrassing. Most people develop agoraphobia after having one or more such panic attacks causing them to worry about having another attack and to avoid places where it may happen again such as open spaces, crowded places, public transit, shopping centers, or simply being outside their home.