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  • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Policies for Denmark as of 8 May 2017. Agreement on the use of open standards for software in the public sector
  • Special educational support provided by the Danish Ministry of Education. The special educational support must ensure that pupils and students with disabilities can educate on an equal footing with other pupils and students.
  • European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education: Denmark the Danish national information and resource centre on disabilities and assistive technology. (in Danish and English)
  • Danish Disability Council, the Danish NGO-Umbrella (in English and mostly Danish)

    Danish Web-award "Det Gyldne @" (The Golden @) includes WEB accessibility as a criterion. The award is related to a conference on accessible web-design held on November 10. 1999 in Copenhagen. During February 2000 a working group of experts and users are evaluating the accessibility of the websites of 100 big Danish corporations. The corporations are divided into 10 different categories. The basis for the examination is the guidelines on accessible web content from the W3C "Web Accessibility Initiative". In addition, the websites are rated on a 1-5 scale by blind and low vision users. The practical testing is being done using the screenreader (JAWS) and speech-synthesis on one hand and a magnifierprogram (ZOOMTEXT) on the other. Shell Denmark was awarded the Golden @ as the "most accessible web-site for disabled people" among the 100 biggest corporations in Denmark on March 24, 2000. But 14 days after getting the award Shell Denmark presented a thoroughly reworked website, and the new website far less accessible than the one nominated! (in Danish)

  • The Equal Opportunities Centre for Disabled Persons monitors developments in the equalisation of disabled people and non-disabled people. Moreover the Centre's task is to draw the authorities' attention to areas and situations where there are not equal opportunities for disabled people and non-disabled people. The Centre is also to publish information on the subject of equal opportunities for disabled persons in the Danish society.
  • Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark (DPOD) is the umbrella organization for 34 Danish disability organizations. DPOD works to support persons with disabilities to live a life like everyone else.  Updated
  • Digitization Agency [in English] – The goal is a more digitally publicly Denmark that optimizes and frees up resources and modernize services for citizens and businesses. Specifically, for example, 80 per cent. citizens and companies written communications with the public be digital in 2015 and welfare technology solutions will be a natural part of everyday life in the coming years.
  • Foreningen af Unge med Gigt (FNUG) – Danish Organisation of Youth with Rheumatism
  • The Accessibility Label Scheme (in Danish "Foreningen Tilgængelighed for Alle", English, and German). Access Denmark has a team that has visited all the places, buildings, or outdoor areas of interest to travelers, customers, and visitors, and prepared photos and information in fact sheets, so that you can make an informed decision and plan what is necessary for you before you decide to go.  Updated
  • Gigforeningen – Danish Arthritis Society
  • Study and Work Abroad in Denmark information for students with disabilities
  • Wheelrace (in Danish) an educational game for school children aged 11-14 to teach kids what life is like when you are bound to a wheelchair. Wheelrace is made by Kongo Interactive and Guppyworks. [Denmark]