• Concept Coding Framework (CCF): people with impaired communication, including difficulties to read or write, may use symbols as an alternative or complement to character based texts. Referencing to, and exchanging these alternatively coded messages over the Internet is difficult due to the lack of standardised encoding schemes and common practises. This site is intended to motivate, describe and promote the introduction and adoption of a common, open and vendor neutral Concept Coding Framework (CCF) to overcome some of these difficulties.  Updated
    • CCF Background Paper The presented paper, "Inclusive AAC – Multi-Modal and Multilingual Language Suppport for All", won the best paper award 2013. The paper and presentation builds on the work carried out during several years, also participating in EU projects, WWAAC, AEGIS, creating a framework for concept coding, to facilitate the use of many natural languages and symbol languages in applications. One practial appliance is symbolsupport for LibreOffice and an Android App. Contributors to this work, and the published paper submitted to the conference, is Mats Lundälv, Sandra Derbring of DART, and Bengt Farre, Annika Brännström of Androtech Consulting and Lars Nordberg of Femtio Procent Data.
  • English Language Center offers courses in Intensive English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for academic, professional, and conversational as well as courses for teaching EFL. The mission of the Intensive English Program at Georgetown University is to provide quality language instruction and cultural orientation to students who require English for their academic, professional or personal needs. [Georgetown University, Washington, DC]
  • 10 Interesting Facts About the English Language that You Didn't Know
  • TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links maintained by The Internet TESL Journal. Links of Interest to Students & Teachers of English as a Second Language There are currently 10192 registered links. (Last Update: 27-Mar-2012)
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers online translating dictionaries for 35 languages.
  • OISE English language courses in the USA intensive language schools
  • Makaton, a communication programme using symbols and signs for communication and learning disabilities
  • Stern Center for Language and Learning, is a nonprofit learning center dedicated to helping children and adults reach their full potential. The center is committed to helping individuals identify their learning strengths as well as their needs and to finding solutions that allow everyone to learn. We evaluate and teach more than 900 children and adults each year including those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, language disorders, autism, attention deficit disorders, and learning style differences.
  • The Internet TESL Journal The Internet TESL Journal published articles from 1995 through 2010. This website is now an online resource book for teachers who can refer to our published articles on teaching techniques and other things of interest to EFL and ESL teachers.
  • The SYMBERED Project "The aim of the Nordic SYMBERED project is to develop a user friendly editing tool that makes use of concept coding to produce web pages with flexible graphical symbol support targeted towards people with AAC needs."
  • Widgit, software for special needs, including symbols for literacy

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