Adaptive Content Processing conference – ACP08 – Deadline extension!

The following is from the European Accessible Information Network (EUAIN) project.

In view of the fact that for many people the summer holiday has just ended and in order to give everyone a chance to participate in the ACP08 conference, the conference organizers have decided to extend the deadline for the submission of thematic sessions, papers, and presentations. If you would like to propose a paper or presentation, you should initially submit an abstract of your paper/presentation outlining the areas you intend to cover. This abstract should be a maximum of two pages and can be mailed to the conference organiser: email hidden; JavaScript is required

The new dates for the conference are as follows:
12 September 2008: Deadline for proposals for thematic sessions
12 September 2008: Deadline for papers and presentation submissions
19 September 2008: Notification of acceptance for papers and presentations
01 November: Final date for registration and payment

An updated version of the conference programme will be available from their website next week:

Contact: Sabine Schotel

**Please note new name and email address**

DEDICON (formerly FNB Nederland)
Molenpad 2
1016 GM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 486 486 294
Fax: 0031 20 6208459


FNB is the new umbrella organisation for the libraries for the blind in the Netherlands. The organisation is responsible for delivering information (text, music, drawings etc) for print-impaired people. SVB – Dutch Library for Print Handicapped Students and Professionals – has merged with CGL and NLBB to form one larger organisation.

The European Accessible Information Network (EUAIN) project was established in 2004 by Dedicon when a core group of organisations involved in accessible content production came together on a European level to seek greater clarity and systematisation for this field. This was made possible through European Commission support under the 6th Framework Programme.

International Disability: Belgium and The Netherlands

  • Accessibility [in Dutch and English], provides information to improve the accessibility of the Internet and other digital media for all people including the elderly and people with disabilities. The site provides guidelines, explanatory texts, background stories, articles, tools, and more. [Netherlands]
  • Dedicon (formerly known as FNB Netherlands) offers a wide range of products and services, including accessible newspapers, magazines, books, digital services, study materials, music scores, and music literature. Dedicon co-ordinates and is responsible for numerous functions for the Dutch Libraries for the Blind. Dedicon Netherlands is a subsidised organisation located in Grave (main office), Amsterdam, Rijswijk, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Tilburg. [Netherlands]
  • [in Dutch]. The drempelvrij is a quality mark that indicates there are no barriers to access to the Internet. The mark on a website indicates that the website adheres to the international standards. [Netherlands]
  • Dutch Stichting Restless Legs (RLS) [Netherlands]
  • Decidon Dedicon helps organizations meet accessibility standards, offering information and literature. They supply newspapers, brochures, and music in Braille and digital textbooks for dyslexia software. [Netherlands]
  • Handicap International is an international, non-governmental organisation, mainly known for its fight against anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions and helping the victims of these unexploded devices. However, its mandate has been extended over the years and today includes providing assistance through work in various fields for people in developing countries with other kinds of disability. Handicap International primarily focuses on the prevention of disabilities and providing support for people with disabilities by ensuring they can fully take part in social life. (in Dutch and French) [Belgian]
  • International Federation for Hydrocephalus & Spina Bifida (IFHSB) [Belgium]