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Mobility is the quality of moving freely.

Reference Books

There are several excellent books about mobility. See our suggested reading list for general information and detailed reference books for your library.


Also look at our Accessible Travel page.

Relevant News

  • "Best Mobility Aids" by Mobility with Love
  • Mobility with Love is a website dedicated to provide free resources about aging and mobility for the elderly, people with disabilities, and caregivers.
  • Motor Disabilities techniques and concepts
  • One-Handed and Two-Handed Keyboard a standard desktop keyboard that has been enhanced to allow both one-handed and two-handed touch-typing.
  • The Stair-Climbing Wheelchair iBOT Mobility System.
  • VisionKey brings the latest in wearable eye-controlled communication technology to enable users with ALS, brainstem stroke, muscular dystrophy, CP, Locked-in-Syndrome, Quadriplegia, or traumatic brain injury to use eye movements for complete computer access and for augmentative communication. Available in English, French, and Spanish and runs on Macintosh and Windows platforms. Manufactured by H.K. EyeCan. [Canada]
  • Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant
  • Shirley Ryan AbilityLab: Conditions Treated [formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)] uses 5 new Innovation Centers with state-of-the-art hospital facilities and equipment. Each Innovation Center focuses on an area of biomedical science with extraordinary promise: Brain; Spinal Cord; Nerve, Muscle & Bone; Pediatric, and Cancer to help patients gain function, achieve better outcomes and enjoy greater independence.
    • Arms + Hands Lab is a robust environment designed for patients and research participants working on recovering and strengthening complex hand and reaching skills: turning a key, picking up a pen, putting on a sweater, all the many things we do with our hands, arms, and fingers.
    • Legs + Walking Lab disability training services at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab of Chicago (SRA) for patients recovering from stroke and TBI with diagnoses affecting lower-body function due to brain or spinal cord injury and diseases of the nerves, muscles and bones. Researchers and clinicians focus on advancing trunk, pelvic and leg function, movement, and balance.
    • Pediatric Lab pediatric patients (inpatient and outpatient) work with doctors, researchers, and therapists in this kid-customized Pediatric Lab, scaled for smaller bodies, developing brains, and appealing to young imaginations.
    • Strength + Endurance Lab is designed for patients and research participants working on building stamina and resilience. Therapy is targeted to improve complex motor and endurance activities, coordination and higher-level activities of daily living (cooking, dressing, gardening, sports).
    • Think + Speak Lab helps patients recover the ability to think, reason, perceive, swallow, eat, talk, interact with others, and make decisions that are key for returning to yourself, loved ones, and life.
  • Winning Wheels, a comprehensive rehabilitative care and independent living center. It combines the treatment regime typically associated with a rehabilitation hospital and the daily nursing care provided by a skilled nursing facility. All resources are concentrated on eliminating barriers to independent living. Winning Wheels is located on a picturesque 12 wooded acres in rural Northwestern Illinois.


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