Mobi-Mat Makes Beaches and Trails Accessible

Deschamps' Mobi-Mat provides access for wheelchairs, strollers, and pedestrians on sand, grass, or other soft and unstable surfaces. The beach access mat is a light portable polyester matting that is temporarily or permanently laid down on the ground to provide non-slip and traffic resistant access for all.

Ultra-light, easy to set up and store, Mobi-Mat makes the path of travel accessible for people walking barefoot and assisted by walkers or crutches and for vehicles including wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, carts, motorcycles and automobiles (emergency and law enforcement). It resists UV rays and temperatures -40° F to + 176° F.

Beach mats are installed at many beaches in New York City (see list at This summer, more wheelchair-bound village residents near Southampton's Coopers Beach will be able to gain access to the beach that they might otherwise be unable to navigate. (Photo courtesy of

Photo of beach access mat.
Man using a Mobi mat on the beach

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