The ATAG 2.0 Working Draft Call for Review

The call for review of the working draft of ATAG 2.0 – the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines – is now open. You can submit your comments until June 11.

What needs to be reviewed?

This 2.0 working draft of the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) published 21 May 2009.

How to review ATAG 2.0

If you accept this mission, uh, if you answer this call for review, note that specific changes and questions for feedback are listed in the Status section.

Please send your comments to the publicly archived list at email hidden; JavaScript is required by 11 June 2009. If you are a technical communicator responding to this call, we hope you will do this profession proud. 🙂

What is ATAG?

You can read about ATAG on the ATAG overview page. To quote from that page:

Authoring tools are software and services that people use to produce Web pages and Web content. […] The Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) documents define how authoring tools should help Web developers produce Web content that is accessible and conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The ATAG documents also explain how to make authoring tools accessible so that people with disabilities can use the tools.

Additional resources you may enjoy include

This call for review was published on the WAI Interest Group mailing list and was an inspiration for this blog post.