ICT Online Event Symposium Call for Proposals

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Submission Deadline (1000 words): Friday, 26 June 2020

The 5th Annual ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium: Time for Testing in Testing Times
(Remote Work, Commerce, Education, Support…)

When: Week of October 19, 2020 (Specific schedule TBD)

Workshops and Instructional Courses: Weeks Prior/Post Symposium (TBD)

It goes without saying that these are testing times for everyone as society collectively deals with the Covid-19 global pandemic. Workers, retailers, restauranteurs, teachers, students, and customer support operators are finding themselves obliged to move to online as the primary means of collaboration with colleagues and customers. It also goes without saying that a considerable number of these systems featured no or poor accessibility development/testing.

Given this rapid transition of many who are new to such online tools, the amount of additional accessibility blockers is growing by the day. Do developers and administrators of new websites and other digital content have accessibility in mind? Most likely not. Do the tools they use to quickly implement new websites, Apps, and electronic documents automatically generate accessible code? Commonly no.

As a profession, we have had to cope with our own business issues in the same ways as those in other industries. We've also had to step up to support those in other industries to help solve their accessibility problems, many of which have only emerged as a result of the massive switch to online operations. A lot has happened in a short time, and there is much that can be gained by sharing our positive (and perhaps, negative?) experiences in ICT Accessibility Testing research and practice. To play our part, we have to be here to provide support to those tackling their technology issues, so that we may help them ensure equitable access for all members of our society.

Our annual symposium has traditionally been a place for inperson knowledge sharing and for professional face-to-face networking. Let's use this year's online symposium to continue sharing what works during the current situation and beyond, and let's continue networking with our peers—but this time online—the same way that so many of us are getting used to while we go through this together.

Sincerely, Dr. Chris M. Law, Chair, & Matt Feldman, Co-Chair,
2020 Symposium Committee


Note: Given the new/current situation in the World, as reflected in our symposium theme this year—Time for Testing in Testing Times—we particularly encourage submissions relating to Remote Work, Commerce, Education, Support, etc. We encourage submissions relating to the themes concerning management of testing teams, new and innovative ways of working that have resulted from the pandemic response, etc.

We also welcome submissions under traditional themes as listed in the Submissions PDF, page 2. Research, development, and practice submissions are welcome. Submissions can be cross-cutting / interdisciplinary, covering more than one theme.

See the Submissions PDF for more information about requirements for submitting proposals to the symposium.

Submission instructions

For all submission formats, prepare a 1,000-word description, and indicate your preferred format, thematic area(s) and testing domain.

Authors are strongly encouraged to cite/reference—in addition to other published works— past papers from the preceding four years of the Symposium. Copies of past symposium proceedings can be found at: https://www.ictaccessibilitytesting.org/past-events/

The submission deadline is Friday, June 26. Submit your proposal using the link at the symposium website: https://www.ictaccessibilitytesting.org