Keep those PDFs accessible and usable!

We want to share a great link from the Web Axe blog and podcast site. They passed along Deborah Edwards-Onoro's article, which covers Ten Tips for Creating Usable and Accessible PDFs; PDF version.

The ten tips are

  1. Use a structured source document
  2. Save/export document as tagged PDF
  3. Add title, author, subject and keywords
  4. Add bookmarks
  5. Initial view
  6. Specify the reading language
  7. Correct the reading order
  8. Use PDF Optimizer
  9. Enable Adobe Reader features
  10. Check accessibility

Remember, don't just think "PDF" – think "accessible PDF"! Preparing your source document correctly is your first step. Deborah Edwards-Onoro provides explanations and procedures for all ten tips, as well as additional references to help you become the Accessible PDF guru your audience needs!

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