July is National Wheelchair Beautification Month

Last updated: March 5, 2015

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National Wheelchair Beautification Month was founded by Horace Knowles. According to an article by the Nashua Telegram at nashuatelegraph.com,

Knowles suggests attaching a florist's water tube near the top of a wheelchair by means of Velcro and inserting the real or artificial flower of your choice. It brightens the day not only for the wheelchair occupant, but for everyone they pass.

The article, "Daily TWiP – National Wheelchair Beautification Month", published: Nashua Telegram, Tuesday, July 1, 2008, goes on to suggest types of flowers and their meanings. [That Web page is gone but here is another source for the meaning of flowers from The Old Farmer's Almanac.]

jet-powered wheelchair
Jet-Powered Wheelchair from Allegro Medical product information page Click on the wheelchair photo to see a larger image.

Another interesting thing to do for the month, if you have $414,697.76 to spare (price seems to have gone up since Disaboom's blog post and Allegro Medical's press release), is to get yourself a jet-powered wheelchair developed by Allegro Medical. Read all about this new mode of transportation on Disaboom, "Have $387,568 to spare? Hook yourself up with this Jet-Powered Wheelchair" at disaboom.com. As they say,

Safety first. Always wear a helmet and fire-retardant underwear when operating a jet powered wheelchair. (Underwear sold separately).

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