Dr. X’s Free Associations

Last updated: July 18, 2016

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An example of free association is finding an unexpected gem while searching the Web for something else. While searching for photos of Washington, DC, I discovered a very interesting blog about psychology, neuroscience, vintage photos, Web-based testing, and lots more. The blog is called Dr. X's Free Associations [No longer available as of 17jul16]. Dr. X is a clinical psychologist who blogs about old photos, psychology & psychoanalysis, science, and more.

Today's post is titled "Psychology, Mind & Neuroscience Roundup" has a collection of interesting links. On the 27th, his post "Woman Recovers Balance Using Tongue" presents a video report about how the late Paul Bach-y-Rita used sensory substitution and applied the same principle to the development of devices for visual and hearing impairments to help a woman regain her balance. Followed by "A Researcher's Thoughts on Web-based Experiments" on cognition and language.

I hope you enjoy losing yourself in this blog as much as I have. It also has a collection of other related blogs in the sidebars. And, of course, those drx.typepad.com vintage photos.