Para Sailing will not be included in the Paralympic Games for LA28

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Photo of a para sailor in a white and red sailboat.

January 30, 2023 – World Sailing has vowed to continue supporting Para Sailing worldwide following the news that the sport will not be included in the Paralympic Games for LA28. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) delivered their verdict today, stating that they had received a number of strong bids to be part of the Games in Los Angeles.

There were 33 sports seeking inclusion for the LA28 Paralympic Games and we appreciate the challenge this poses to the IPC Board. No sport has successfully been reinstated and we knew this was going to be a difficult task.

— World Sailing

World Sailing launched its #BacktheBid campaign in the summer of 2021 to restore sailing to the Paralympic Games and offer a new generation of sailors the chance to compete at the highest level. There are now 41 nations on five continents active in Para Sailing, and over 630 active Para Sailors registered with World Sailing.

Five World Championship Para Sailing events took place in 2022 and Para Sailing will make its debut at the Allianz World Sailing Championships – The Hague 2023 later this year when sailors in Hansa 303, 2.4mR and RS Venture Connect classes will compete for world titles.

The Benefits of Ai Chi

My orthopedic surgeon recommended deep water aerobics classes to build up my muscles in preparation for joint replacement surgery and physical rehabilitation. A benefit of working out in deep water is that it puts little to no pressure on your muscles and joints so you won't be sore after a workout session. As you exercise in water, your legs, arms, and joints feel the resistance of the water. This helps increase your range of motion and flexibility and increases your endurance.

After your surgery, enhance your physical rehabilitation therapy by doing Ai Chi. Aquatic therapy increases your endurance and core (abdominal) strength. This helps with trunk stabilization, balance, and pain management. Ai Chi's gently flowing motions strengthen core muscles while providing a soothing experience. The circular movements create harmony based on a principle of yielding to, rather than resisting, the natural flow.

Ai Chi can increase metabolism and blood circulation. According to the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD), studies show that simply breathing while submersed to the shoulder in water can increase oxygen consumption from 7 to 25 percent. This, in turn, increases caloric consumption.

Ai Chi is a water-based total body strengthening and relaxation progression that bridges East and West philosophies, and integrates mental, physical, and spiritual energy. It combines Tai-Chi concepts with Shiatsu and Watsu techniques, and is performed standing in shoulder-depth water using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs, and torso. The Ai Chi progression moves from simple breathing, to the incorporation of upper-extremity, trunk, lower-extremity, and finally total body involvement.

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