Assistive Technology Bundled Software

Last updated: May 27, 2016

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Code-it Software Solutions has been a player in the development of Assistive Technology (A-Tech) software since 1997. They were the first to release "talking" web browsers (named "Web Talkster" & "Web Speakster") to aid children with ADD, or folks with poor eye sight, to enjoy the web. They are presently offering their array of Software Offered (Windows XP or Vista platform only) stuff all wrapped up in one menu type application in the hopes that you'll benefit in some way from it's use.

You don't have to have special needs to enjoy this software! Anyone (particularly kids) that enjoys text 2 speech software will get good use from the many applications it offers! This software is entirely freeware. Free of charge, adware and / or spyware. It will never expire and you can use it free forever. The software includes Text 2 Speech Stuff…Speaking Note Pad, Text 2 Audio, Text Talkster, Web Talkster; Misc Stuff…Audio Recorder/ real time, Audio CD Writer, Data CD Writer, Magnifier, Sign Talkster; and Fun Stuff…Guess the Number Game, Picture Taker, Peedy the Jokester, and Song Gallery.

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