Accessibility and UUX SIGS

Last updated: April 17, 2019

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What is a SIG?

A Special Interest Group (SIG) gives people who have shared interests in a specific topic or field a place to combine their knowledge, share their experience, and support others.

  • ACM/SIGACCESS – Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing, promotes the interests of professionals working on research and development of computing and information technology to help persons with disabilities.
  • ACM/SIGDOC – Special Interest Group for Documentation
  • ACM/SIGWEB – Special Interest Group on Hypertext, Hypermedia and Web
  • ACM/HFES – Special Interest Group for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
  • ACM/SIGCHI – Special interest group on Computer-Human Interaction
  • ACM/SIGCHI | UX SIG [Finland]
  • ACM/SIG UX – Special Interest Group for User Interface Design
  • ASUG/UX SIG – Special Interest Group for User Experience for SAP UX
  • STC Accessibility SIG – Special Interest Group for accessibility in technical communication and documentation in the Society for Technical Communication (STC).
  • STC UUX SIG – Special Interest Group for Usability & User Experience in the Society for Technical Communication (STC).
  • UXSIG – Special Interest Group for user experience on the latest software and technology products.
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