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We know that a butterfly with a broken wing can still fly. Accessible Techcomm was founded by Karen Mardahl (Frederiksberg, Denmark) and Cynthia Lockley (Adelphi, Maryland, USA) as a spinoff from the Accessibility SIG of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) after that SIG's website was made inoperative and the SIG's URL was put out of service. We preserved all the collected accessibility information and resources contributed by members of the SIG and strive to continue and maintain the excellent work started by the old STC Accessibility SIG. Accessible Techcomm is its own entity and is not associated with the Society for Technical Communication. STC-related information and documents were eliminated and not included in this website.  Updated

Accessibility and UUX input for the original SIG website was provided by members of the SIG including: Karen Mardahl, Lori Gillen, Jodie Gilmore, George Hoerter, Connie Kiernan, Paula Kimbrough, Gail Lippincott, Cynthia Lockley, Andy Malcolm, Helen Marty, Kim McConnell, Gloria Reece, Judy Skinner, Karen Steele, Fabien Vais, and many other non-STC professional contributors. Continued contributions are welcome. Use the Contact Us form to provide suggestions and feedback.

Mission Statement

The mission of Accessible Techcomm is threefold:

  1. Provide resources, information, and support to technical communicators with disabilities.
  2. Provide resources that will help technical communicators make the products they create accessible to end users with disabilities.
  3. Provide strategic leadership in both areas through positive initiatives and open communication.


  1. Assist technical communicators with disabilities.
  2. Help technical communicators make their products accessible to end users with disabilities.
  3. Demonstrate strategic leadership in the advocacy of improved accessibility for technical communicators and end users with disabilities.


The Accessible Techcomm does not diagnose, prescribe, or endorse. We simply provide information to those who want it. For more information about product endorsements and other disclaimers, please see our Legal Information page.

Areas of Focus

Accessible Techcomm aims to provide information about accessibility needs for all communicators. Within the many areas of accessibility issues, Accessible Techcomm has designated eight primary areas of focus. The following eight categories are

Promotional Brochure

Download our "Accessible Techcomm promotional brochure" (890 KB .pdf file designed for printing) and let others know about us.


Primary contact: Use the Contact Us form with Subject selections.

Manager: Manager
Karen Mardahl (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
Web Diva: Web Diva
Cynthia Lockley (Adelphi, Maryland)

How Can We Help You?

Find a Job: See our Employment Resources page and the Jobs News Feed.  Updated

Examples of "accessibility needs" include speech recognition software, Braille keyboards, improved wheelchair access, or a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) business line. Managers and instructors are often unaware of resources that could help those with accessibility needs. Additionally, they may be unaware of ethical guidelines that are also important in such cases. Accessible Techcomm endeavors to address these gaps.

  • By identifying products, services, and literature that may be useful to individuals with accessibility needs.
  • By identifying people (or their employers or instructors) who need the products, services, and literature.
  • By serving as a clearinghouse to match people with products, services, and/or relevant literature relating to a variety of accessibility needs.
  • By promoting ethical practices among professionals when working with individuals with accessibility needs.

A friend, Judy Skinner, says, "As a communicator with disabilities, I know first-hand the importance of technology and community services." Jodie Gilmore, who is legally blind, points out, "Sometimes a ‘need’ can be as simple as a drafting table or an ergonomically correct platform for a computer." If you have a disability or accessibility need, we'd like to hear from you—especially if you have solutions you'd like to share with other people!


Accessible Techcomm is a not-for-profit educational organization.

Related Organizations

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Last modified: 1 April 2024
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